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Opened in 2002, the Dongbu Pusan Container Terminal (DPCT), which has Dongbu Corp. as its major stockholder, currently holds two 50,000 ton vessels, one 5,000 ton vessel and seven gantry cranes. Thus, DPCT is capable of providing a diversely of stevedoring services for large, middle to small-scale vessels. With this diversity, DPCT has implemented a system to constantly provide composite distribution services. In the future, DPCT will emerge as the leader in container terminal operation through continuous improvements to service and the introduction of new technologies.
DPCT has secured over 94,000 pyeong of yard space and is actively utilizing it, thus it is providing on-dock services to collectively administer customs clearance inspections within the terminal. As cargo processing becomes possible without having to pass through the off-dock CY, more prompt service can be provided to vessel owners. Also, it prevents the occurrence of additional expenses due to the shuttle fee from terminal to ODCY as well as relieving traffic congestion. This in turn makes it possible to reduce the actual distribution cost, which is what our customers desired.
In order to facilitate the convenience of our customers, DPCT is collectively providing the container-related services of maintenance, repair and pre-inspection on CFS facilities and containers. Based on know-how, technological power and the pool of expert personnel accumulated over the years, DPCT is securing that they have the best stevedoring productivity. In addition, every investment is made on repairing and maintaining the latest facilities and equipment, thus DPCT is achieving a high level of promptness and accuracy in cargo processing services.
Classification Details
Wireless LAN Installation of a wireless terminal in G/C, T/C and Y/T → Increased efficiency
In operational instruction and statistical management of operation results
Twin Spreader All of G/C 7 units are equipped with twin spreaders → Increase of operation efficiency
Macadamizing First in Korea in the terminal industry