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Entry into stevedoring services at key harbours
Dongbu Express has the state-of-art stevedoring facilities and heavy equipments at key harbours throughout Korea. As such, we provide services, for import and export cargo, covering wide range of products such as container, general goods, automobiles, special heavy cargo, grain, iron and steel goods, iron ore and coal.
Improvement into efficient stevedoring services
Efforts of Dongbu Express in efficient stevedoring services are focused on expedient works, supplementary facilities and modernization of equipment to ensure there are no demurrages. As such, we are concentrating our investment into expanded securing of harbour terminal and improvement in facility and equipment. We have introduced state-of-art computerization equipment and information system in order to cope expediently with the requirement of our customers.
Fortification of association with cargo storage and transportation
Range of services that Dongbu provides includes cargo transportation as well as CY / CFS service. As such, import and export shipper can make use of one-stop service (stevedoring + transportation + storage), which has put together several complex processes into one. Modernization of facility such as development of harbor SOC and participation in development of surrounding area, which is currently being pursued continuously, shall become the optimal choice that will conserve time of and provide economical profit to customers.

Dongbu is processing more than 1 million TEU of container per annum at the Shingamman Harbour, which are the dedicated terminal of Busan Harbour for container and old harbour. Recently, with designation as LME storage at the Gamman harbour, we are pursuing mode of provision of logistics services in relations to relevant LME business. As such, we are pursuing to further
advance ourselves as the core of international trade in the era of transpacific in association with the construction of new harbour at Busan which is currently being constructed

We are handling imported bulk cargo such as timber, animal feeds and agricultural goods imported from China, Southeast Asia and Australia as well as stevedoring of steel and iron material for export. In addition, with our own dedicated LLC equipment and harbour, we have established an advantageous position in distribution of various poudary cargos such as salt and silica. We are
planning to execute our vision of our functioning as the core harbour of transaction with the mainland through securing of additional berths through development of privately invested and owned North Harbour.

Ulsan Harbour operation of ours has definite advantage in poudary cargo. In addition, given the regional characteristics of heavy and chemical industrial city, we are pursuing loading of vehicles for export and domestic consumption. As such, Ulsan Harbour is performing its role as harbour supporting stabilized supply of raw material and export of finished goods for the largest heavy and
chemical industrial complex in Korea at our backdrop.

Kwangyang Harbour is a core harbour of two-ports policy that the Government is assertively supporting. Dongbu is performing stevedoring of container as well as arine transportation of various cargos along coastal line. Various taxation benefits and incentives are being provided at the Kwangyang Harbour in accordance with policy for cultivation of new harbour, it is expected to become
a core harbour to supplement the activities at Busan Harbour.

Dangin branch office located at Dangjin Harbour is in charge of stevedoring, and transportation of imported raw material for coil and export goods of Dongbu Steel, and transportation of construction equipment and material for Cheolgu branch office.